Cut and Polish

cut and polish

What is Cut and Polish?

The “Cut and Polish” service at NADAS AUTOCARE involves removing minor scratches and swirls from your vehicle’s paintwork to restore its original shine and depth of color. The process includes an exterior wash, rim and wheel arch cleaning, fallout removal, machine cut with a buff and liquid cutting agent, and machine polish with the appropriate polish for your vehicle.


cut and polish

Special Consideration for Red and Black Cars

Red and black cars require special attention due to the unique properties of their paint. These colors are more prone to showing scratches, swirls, and imperfections, making it essential to use specific techniques and products.

At NADAS AUTOCARE, our Cut and Polish service for red and black cars involves using gentle yet effective methods to ensure the paint’s depth and luster are fully restored. We use specialized polishes and buffing techniques tailored to these colors, providing a flawless finish while protecting the paint’s integrity. This careful approach guarantees that red and black cars receive the optimal care they need to maintain their vibrant appearance.


benefits of a cut and polish

Showroom-Quality Finish

Get a pristine, glossy look that makes your vehicle appear brand new. Our hand waxing and machine polishing services revive your car's shine and vibrancy, enhancing its overall appearance.

Long-Lasting Protection

Safeguard your vehicle's exterior with durable solutions. Our hand waxing and polishing create a protective layer on the paint, shielding it from environmental damage and extending the life of your vehicle's finish.


our reasonable prices

cut and polish

☆ Hatchback/ Sedan / wagon: $220

☆ SUV/4x4/ Twincab: $250

☆ Vans : $270

☆ Trucks : upon consaltation.


frequently ask questions

Red and black paints are more prone to showing scratches and swirls, requiring specific techniques and products for optimal results.

Yes, we use specialized polishes and buffing techniques tailored to the needs of red and black paints.

We guarantee professionalism, efficiency, and exceptional results for all our services.

Yes, you can combine it with other detailing services for comprehensive care. Contact us for customized packages and pricing.